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  • Pentole rame Mepra
    Copper cookware by MEPRA
    Buy italian professional cookware online!
  • WMF: high quality for your kitchen
    WMF is a German brand that focuses on the quality and efficiency of its products, made almost exclusively in stainless steel.
  • Portmeirion: dishes to serve and furnish
    One of the most important manufactories of ceramic and English porcelain known to most for the famous series "Botanic Garden"
  • Lladrò: collectible porcelains
    Loved as knick-knacks, often chosen as a gift for the sweetness of the expressions and the elegance of the decorations

About us

La Tavola Elegante is a shop for home objects, decorative, refined and functional at the same time, ranging from porcelain to crystal, to handmade ceramic rhodium and steel. Our aim is to make the place where our customers live more and more beautiful and welcoming, thanks to the choice of both classic and innovative items, often the result of Italian technique and design.

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Do you want to create a wedding list to allow relatives and friends to buy from a distance? Leave your email address, one of our managers will contact you to explain all the advantages of an online wedding list.

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